Car -BB Korn Tether - in red or silver reduced from $599 to $499 each

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52 x 23 x 12cm  Reduced from $599 to $499
Spindizzies, also known as tether cars, were the boys’ toys of the 1930s.

Surprisingly sophisticated racecars in 1:8 scale raced tethered to a pole or to a chain track in a banked wooden racetrack, reaching speeds in excess of 150 mph… Imagine a corner of the 1939 New York World’s Fair. A throng of thousands massing around a mini car-drome where racecars are being prepared for a major race. The scream of the engines fills the air. A mini NASCAR, Le Mans, Nürbürgring… An American pastime; technology, cars, excitement!

Constructed using original blueprints this BB Korn Indianapolis 1930s Spindizzy model resembles the original down to the smallest detail. One look and you’ll be ready to join the competition. The model is handbuilt of recycled polished aluminum and brass. The seat and trim are leather. The wheels are aluminum and the tires are made of rubber.

This car does not have a running engine it is for display only. The car was designed without any working drive train, flywheel, or geared rear end. This model is brand new and fully assembled.